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If you want to order a drug for the treatment of prostatitis at an attractive price of {€ 45}, visit the official website and leave a request on our website, the operator will call you to help with your order. You can pick up the goods and pay for them at the post office or at the courier that delivers the package.

Fill in the form to order anti-prostatitis capsules with delivery to Pardubice (Czech Republic). Wait for the manager to call, advise on the tool and discuss delivery. The exact cost of delivery by courier to your address may differ from other cities, pay for the goods upon receipt.

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User reviews Prostamin Forte in Pardubice

  • Jiří
    Excellent medicine, I order from abroad. I'm just taking it for prophylaxis, that's it, you know. Just in case.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Šimon
    Foreign medicines are always better than domestic ones, I tried to treat them with ours for a long time, but it makes no sense. And Prostamin helped in a couple of weeks, you can see right away - European quality!
    Prostamin Forte